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【締切延長6/12】Special Issue on CG & Image Processing Technologies for Automation, Labor Saving and Empowerment

Call for Papers

Special Issue on CG & Image Processing Technologies
for Automation, Labor Saving and Empowerment

 IIEEJ Editorial Committee


A declining birthrate and a rapid aging population are common problems in developed countries. Particularly in Japan, the working-age population is declining continuously, after reaching its peak in 1995, resulting in a shortage of labor. On the other hand, per capita labor productivity in Japan is very low, ranking 21st out of 36 OECD countries in 2018. In order to solve the labor shortage, it is necessary not only to expand the workforce but also to improve labor productivity.

Low productivity may be due to Japan-specific personnel systems and social customs, but improvements in productivity can also be expected through automation and labor saving technologies such as autonomous driving that has been actively studied in recent years and white collar work automation using RPA (Robotic Process Automation). Specifically, automation applications can be expected to expand into a wide range of fields in the future by using evolving image recognition technology, increasing information from IoT devices, and less expensive robots.

Productivity can also be improved by adding value to the product or empowering workers, such as by using the Cloud. A wide range of image processing technologies can contribute to productivity, such as decision making support with image analysis, time saving with remote processing using IoT devices, and improvement of customer service through interactive video processing systems.

Based on this background, we look forward to receiving your papers, system development papers, and data papers in this special issue

1.Topics covered include but not limited to

Image Processing, Image Recognition, Image Detection, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, IoT, Ubiquitous, Big Data, Autonomous Driving, RPA, Automation, Robotics, Usability, Interface, Interaction, Other related fundamental / application / systemized technologies.

2.Treatment of papers

Submission paper style format and double-blind peer review process are the same as an ordinary contributed paper. If the number of accepted papers is less than the minimum number for the special issue, the acceptance paper will be published as an ordinary contributed paper. We ask for your understanding and cooperation

3.Publication of Special Issue:

IEEJ Transactions on Image Electronics and Visual Computing Vo.8, No.2 (December 2020)

4.Submission Deadline:

Friday, May 29, 2020⇒ Friday, June 12, 2020 

5.Contact details for Inquires:

IIEEJ Office E-mail:

6.Online Submission URL:


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