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Special Issue on CG & Image Processing Technologies for Generation and Post-Processing of Image/Animation

IIEEJ Editorial Committee

In computer graphics (CG), not only realistic images but also animations can be generated in short time and with low cost, thanks to the improvement of hardware performance in recent years. In addition, creation/post-processing of animations can easily be achieved using image/video editing software and game engine under integrated environments for its development. Furthermore, production companies equipped with studios for motion capture have been increasing, so natural motion of human and animal can easily be reflected to 3D characters.

Yet, time and task for generation and editing of images/animations are still quite large and expensive. To speed-up and facilitate these processes, various methods have been proposed in worldwide. Especially, learning-based techniques (e.g. AI and deep learning, etc) have been often used just like other research areas. In the image processing field, image completion and colorization, pencil drawing generation are achieved using these learning-based techniques. The techniques are also used for accelerating physics-based rendering and simulation, in computer graphics. On the other hand, several methods using crowdsourcing are proposed, which can easily create the user-desired image/animation. As above, various techniques are being applied to facilitate/accelerate generation and editing of images and animations, and further development is expected.

Based on this background, we look forward to receiving your papers, system development papers, and material papers in this special issue.

1. Topics covered include but not limited to

Computer graphics, Modeling, Rendering, Simulation, Stereoscopic, Visualization, AR/MR/VR, Game, Anime, Manga, Entertainment, Motion capture, Wearable sensor, Image processing, Image analysis, Object detection, Image recognition, Motion analysis, Image encoding, 3D shape reconstruction, Computer vision, Big data, Database, Crowdsourcing, Image/video retrieval, Usability, Interface, Interaction, AI, Deep learning, Machine learning, Other related fundamental / application / systemized technologies

2. Treatment of papers

Submission paper style format and double-blind peer review process are the same as an ordinary contributed paper. If the number of accepted papers is less than the minimum number for the special issue, the acceptance paper will be published as an ordinary contributed paper. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

3. Publication of Special Issue:

IEEJ Transactions on Image Electronics and Visual Computing Vo.8, No.1 (June, 2020)

4. Submission Deadline:

Friday, November 29, 2019

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