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CNN-based Spine and Cobb Angle Estimator Using Moire Images

Ran CHOI†, Kota WATANABE‡, Hiroaki JINGUJI‡†, Nobuyuki FUJITA‡, Yoji OGURA‡, Satoru DEMURA‡‡, Toshiaki KOTANI⁎, Kanichiro WADA⁑, Masashi MIYAZAKI⁂, Hideki SHIGEMATSU⁑⁑, Yoshimitsu AOKI† (Member), ,

Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) causes serious health problems when left untreated after onset. In Japan,moire images obtained from moire screening systems have been widely used for early stage detection of […]

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Background Subtraction Based on Co-occurrence Pixel-Block Pairs for Robust Object Detection in Dynamic Scenes

Wenjun ZHOU†, Shun’ichi KANEKO† (Member), Dong LIANG††, Manabu HASHIMOTO†††, Yutaka SATOH††††, ,

This paper presents a novel background subtraction method called co-occurrence pixelblock pairs (CPB) for detecting objects in dynamic scenes. Based on a “pixel to block” structure, it uses the correlation […]

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Performance Evaluation Criteria for Partial Blur Segmentation in Classification and Segmentation Contexts

Natsuki TAKAYAMA† (Student Member), Hiroki TAKAHASHI† (Member), ,

The performance evaluation of partial blur segmentation algorithms is a crucial part of research. Current performance evaluation criteria for partial blur segmentation, however, are used without sufficient discussion of the […]

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Computational RYB Color Model and its Applications

Junichi SUGITA† (Member), Tokiichiro TAKAHASHI†† (Member), ,

The red-yellow-blue (RYB) color model is a subtractive model based on pigment color mixing and is widely used in art education. In the RYB color model, red, yellow, and blue […]

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