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Multi-Feature and Balanced Search Tree Based Depth Range Definition in HEVC Inter Prediction for VLSI Implementation

Gaoxing CHEN*, Zhenyu LIU**, Tetsunori KOBAYASHI***, Takeshi IKENAGA*, ,

High efficiency video coding (HEVC) is a video compression standard that outperforms the predecessor H.264/AVC by almost doubling the compression performance. To enhance the compression performance, the partition sizes is […]

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3D Single/Multiple Ground Planes Detection with Camera Angle Estimation

Yankun LANG, Haiyuan WU, Toshiyuki AMANO, QianCHEN, ,

This paper describes an innovative algorithm that estimates the tilt angle of the camera and detects single or multiple ground planes with a RGB-D camera. All of the 3D points […]

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Digital Halftoning by Stochastic Dither Screen Mask Representing Green to Blue Noise Characteristics


New clustered FM halftone dither mask which represents green to blue noise characteristics has been developed. This mask is generated by spectral filtering operation confining it’s spectrum within f_max and […]

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Outlier Management for Robust Visual SLAM in Dynamic Environments with Easy Map and Camera Pose Initialization

Jun SHIMAMURA, Kyoko SUDO, Masashi MORIMOTO, Tatsuya OSAWA, Yukinobu TANIGUCHI, ,

We present a robust monocular visual simultaneous localization and mapping (Visual SLAM) method, an algorithm capable of estimating robust camera poses in dynamic environments and reducing the user operation load […]

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