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IIEEJ International Workshop on Image Electronics and Visual Computing



The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers, engineers, developers, and students from various fields in both academia and industry for discussing the latest researches, standards, developments, implementations and application systems in all areas of image electronics and visual computing.


  • Image and video coding; Transcoding; Coding standards and related issues
  • Image and video processing; Image analysis, Segmentation and classification
  • Image restoration; Super-resolution; Color restoration and management
  • Computer Vision; Motion analysis
  • Virtual reality and 3D imaging
  • Data hiding, Watermarking and steganography; Content protection;
  • Bioinformatics authentication
  • Image database; Image and video retrieval; Digital museum; Digital archiving;
  • Content delivery; Image assessment
  • Printing and display technologies; Imaging devices
  • Visual communication; Human interfaces and interactions
  • Mobile image communication, Networking and protocols
  • Computer graphics; Modeling; Rendering; Visualization; Animations
  • Hardware and software implementation; Image related applications, LSI
  • Understanding of human vision and/or human tactile sense
  • Web-related techniques; Personalization technique; Interaction between human and computer
  • Usability; Accessibility; Image processing technique considered emotion
  • Other fundamental and application techniques


The Image Electronics and Visual Computing (IEVC) conferences have been held in Cairns/Australia, Nice/France, Kuching/Malaysia, Koh Samui/Thailand, Da Nang/Vietnam, Bali/Indonesia, and online since 2007.

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