The Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan

IEVC 2019

The 6th IIEEJ International Conference on Image Electronics and Visual Computing (IEVC 2019)

Bintang Bali Resort, Jl. Kartika Plaza, South Kuta Beach, Kuta Bali, 80361, Indonesia,  Google map

Aug. 21-24, 2019. 


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IEVC 2019 Best Paper Award

  • Yuji Demura, Makoto Fujisawa and Masahiko Mikawa,
    Particle-Based Volumetric Hair Interaction with Turbulent Flow
  • Kazuhiko Murasaki, Chihiro Kazato, Shingo Ando and Atsushi Sagata,
    N-AUC: Maximization of the Narrow Area Under the ROC Curve for Recall-Oriented Abnormality Detection
  • Khin Sabai Htwe, Takaaki Ishikawa and Hiroshi Watanabe,
    Hand Joints Detection on Noisy Hand Poses Using Variational Autoencoder

IEVC 2019 Excellent Paper Award

  • Chanjin Seo, Masato Sabanai, Jun Ohya and Hiroyuki Ogata,
    A Method of Proposing the Training Suitable for Supplementing an Exerciser’s Lacking Skill in Sprint
  • Tomomi Kuda and Takafumi Saito,
    Generating Space Shapes with TAP Curves
  • Jaime Sandoval, Kazuma Uenishi, Munetoshi Iwakiri and Kiyoshi Tanaka
    Robust, Efficient and Deterministic Planes Detection in Unorganized Point Clouds based on Sliding Voxels

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