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Special Issue on Image Information Technologies for Social Infrastructure & Life-Related(2019年6月号英文誌T-IEVC、2018年11月30日必着)

Special Issue on

Image Information Technologies for Social Infrastructure & Life-Related Services

IIEEJ Editorial Committee

In recent years, various smart city projects are in progress for the purpose of optimizing the energy balance by smart grid and amending social infrastructure in the local community. In addition, there are issues, such as efficient inspection methods for a large number of public buildings (bridges, tunnels, roads, buildings, etc.), which were constructed during the high-growth era, and reduction of their repairing cost. Furthermore, there is great concern over the development and deployment of ICT common infrastructure, which is indispensable for convenience and high efficiency of social service, and its supported network infrastructure. The more concrete issues will include: various optimization methods related to smart city / civil engineering construction; automatic monitoring of traffic / street / building / shops; inspection of defective products in factories / production sites; facility inspection of social infrastructure using drone; image diagnosis using CT/MRI images; promotion of IoT; utilization of various big data in the local city, and so on. It seems more and more likely that various image electronics and visual computing technologies are applicable to solve these issues mentioned above.

Then, we widely look forward to your papers, system development papers, and material papers in this special issue.

  1. Topics covered include but not limited to

    Image signal processing, Image transmission, Lighting technology, Image coding, Image input / output, Facial expression / Gesture recognition, Object detection, Computer graphics, Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Everything (IoE), Ubiquitous computing, Computer vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning, Big data, Image inspection/Diagnosis, Image analysis, Image/Video search, Image database, Network, Security, Personal authentication, Digital watermark, Drone, Various image application system, Other related image fundamental / application technologies

  2. Treatment of papers

    Submission paper style format and double-blind peer review process are the same as an ordinary contributed paper. If the number of accepted papers is less than the minimum number for the special issue, the acceptance paper will be published as an ordinary contributed paper. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

  3. Publication of Special Issue:

    IEEJ Transactions on Image Electronics and Visual Computing Vo.7, No.1 (June, 2019)

  4. Submission Deadline:

    Friday, November 30, 2018

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    IIEEJ Office  E-mail:

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