The Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan

IEVC2021 DMH Special Session


The 7th IIEEJ International Conference on Image Electronics and Visual Computing

Sep. 8 – 11, 2021

Special Session on Digital Museum and Humanities

Saturday, September 11 2021


Session 7B: Digital Museum and Humanities (1) Room B

Session chair: Makoto J. Hirayama (Osaka Institute of Technology)

[7B-1] Masaki Hayashi
(Invited Talk) Growing Museum – Keyword-Based Self-Growing CG Virtual Museum with Annotation System –

[7B-2] Kunio Ohno and Toshio Kajiwara
A Study of Virtual Museum to Understand Geomagnetic Reverse Stratum

[7B-3] Gazali Lembah, Iksam Djorimi, Ade Nurul Izatti and Andi Hendra
Classification of Cultural Heritages in the Museum Collections on Central Sulawesi, Indonesia Using Deep Learning

[7B-4] Makoto J. Hirayama, Akira Asada and Ritsuko Kikusawa
A Finger Motion Tracking Display System for Japanese Sign Language Demonstrations


Session 8B: Digital Museum and Humanities (2) Room B

Session chair: Kunio Ohno (Monavis IT Consulting Co.)

[8B-1] Hiroshi Sunaga and Mako Kawasaki
DX-Based Navigation Linked with Kyoto City Bus Location System for National Treasure Visitors

[8B-2] Eri Yokoyama and Hiroshi Sunaga
A Digital Transformative Education Method for Japanese Classical Literature-Hyakunin-Isshu E-Learning Application-

[8B-3] Toshiko Kimura
A Study of Online Career Design Visualization Through Matrix Format

[8B-4] Mitsuko Okuda
Connection of a Falling Student to Society ~ Focusing on the Efforts of Summer Academy in Germany ~


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